What is Modern Wood Pellet Heat?

Modern wood pellet heat is a fully automated, local, and financially beneficial way to centrally heat your whole home or business. High efficiency MESys boilers and furnaces give you peace of mind with a 30-year warranty.

Wood pellets are a sustainably harvested fuel which are bulk delivered, meaning you never have to handle your pellets.


“The conversion to MESys boilers has saved the district over $100,000 in the first year of operation and they require less maintenance than the oil boilers they replaced.”

—Ken Coville, Superintendent, MSAD #74

See how Modern Wood Pellet Heat works!

“The MESys AutoPellet is the high quality product that we were looking for, it’s well designed and its changing our lives, we set the temperature that we want and it’s done.”

—The Guays

Why Switch to Modern Wood Pellet Heat?

Heating with wood pellet boilers and furnaces is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

When burning wood pellets, you are not burning fossil fuels that release long-sequestered carbon into the atmosphere. As forests are properly managed, the carbon cycle of wood pellets is kept short and self-sustaining, greatly reducing your environmental impact.

Pellets are stably priced compared with other fuels and provide reliable central heat and domestic hot water.


Not only is modern wood heat good for the earth, it also saves you money and helps the local economy.

  • Reduce your home or business heating bill with stable pricing, that will make heating more affordable year in and year out.
  • The supply chain for wood pellet fuel creates jobs for loggers, truckers, and pellet manufacturers, and sustains jobs in the fuel delivery sector.

“Thanks to our MESys pellet boilers, we’ve started the process to go green and we’ve saved on fuel cost.”

—Crescent Park Elementary School

What about other heating options?

How does pellet heat compare to heat pumps? If I’m considering a new heating system, what should I know that will help me avoid surprises later?

How Do I Get Started?

Ready to convert to a cost-effective and efficient heating system? Tell us more and we’ll reach out to you!

“MESys pellet deliveries are quick and clean and leave our basement smelling like pine trees!”

—The Knapps

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