Save Money Year After Year

The conversion of homes and businesses from heating oil to wood pellet boilers and furnaces has significant economic impacts. These economic impacts begin with the construction and implementation of a wood pellet fuel distribution center and continue with support of the wood pellet fuel supply chain.

The end-user impacts are significant. The end-user positive economic effects come from three sources; all of which act to keep money in the regional economy and create jobs and increased tax revenues.

The effects are:

  • Money that would have been spent on heating oil can stay in the local economy through locally-made wood pellet fuel.
  • Home and business heating bills are reduced and the added disposable income can be reinvested with local businesses.
  • The supply chain for wood pellet fuel creates new jobs for loggers, truckers, and pellet manufacturers and sustains jobs in the fuel delivery sector. That new income will also be spent in the region as it develops its own pellet fuel production facilities.

This council is committed to finding ways to help reduce our energy costs and thereby help keep our taxes down, the installation of our second MESys pellet boiler is a testament to that commitment.

—Andrew MacLean, Mayor, Gardiner, Maine

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