Pellet Delivery

Bulk wood pellet delivery makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your heating costs.
Bulk fuel delivery to your home or business – just like oil or propane.
You don’t handle your oil or propane and with our fully automated system, you’ll never touch your pellets either. Delivered directly to your home, bagless, by a delivery truck the same way as oil or propane.

A typical home requires just 3 deliveries annually.

MESys AutoPay Program

If you’re an existing MESys pellet customer and would like to enroll in the AutoPay program, download and complete the registration form to sign up. AutoPay is an easy way to ensure you always receive your best price on pellets and signing up is easy and free.

“MESys pellet deliveries are quick and clean and leave our basement smelling like pine trees!”

—The Knapps


MESys Pellet Delivery Scheduling

Schedule a Regular Pellet Delivery
To schedule your next MESys pellet fuel delivery, please use our Pellet Portal. For general pellet delivery inquiries, please email [email protected].

For Emergency Pellet Delivery on Weekends & Holidays – CALL 207-824-NRGY (6749)
Emergency pellet deliveries are available at our Emergency Rate on weekends and holidays. For emergency delivery, please call our main office at (207) 824-NRGY (6749) and you will automatically be transferred to our on-call dispatch service.