Maine Energy Systems (MESys) is at the forefront of technology with the most efficient, reliable, installed heating systems in North America. Contact us to learn how you can get involved and support modern wood heating – and have it support you. MESys offers training for contractors on the installation, adjustment, and maintenance of the AutoPellet wood pellet boilers and furnaces.

Installers and TRAINING

The current demand for fossil fuel alternatives is high and we are seeking motivated individuals to become certified MESys installers.

Resources for INSTALLERS

Browse our helpful resources to find out more about MESys products.

MESys pellet deliveries are quick and clean and leave our basement smelling like pine trees!

The Knapps

hands holding wood pellets with a heater in the background

Ready to convert to a cost-effective and efficient heating system? Tell us more and we’ll reach out to you!

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