FAQ about Pellet Delivery

If you’ve made the decision to switch your heating system to wood pellets, you’ve made the responsible choice.  Now, you’re probably wondering how you receive wood pellet deliveries. And, you may have some of the same questions that we hear often.

Below are some answers to common questions about bulk wood pellet delivery. If you’re wondering about servicing your system, scheduling a delivery, or how to tell how much fuel you have left – you are in the right place. Of course, if you have more specific questions, please contact us here at Maine Energy Systems.

For questions about the heating system and not necessarily delivery, please visit this page.

“This council is committed to finding ways to help reduce our energy costs and thereby help keep our taxes down, the installation of our second MESys pellet boiler is a testament to that commitment.”

—Andrew MacLean, Mayor, Gardiner, Maine

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