Now is Your Time to Act

You can save thousands with a heating system that pays for itself!  Mainers like you are heating their homes sustainably and reaping the rewards both for their wallets and for the environment.

Here’s How:

A $2,000 Federal Tax Credit,

a $6,000 rebate from Efficiency Maine,

up to $15,000 back in annual checks by earning Thermal Renewable Energy Credits during your system’s warrantied 30 year life,

and save on fuel cost year after year!

Join Mainers like you sustainably heating homes and businesses with carbon-neutral wood pellets.

Now that’s what we’d call a smart buy.

Federal Tax Credit

Up to $2,000

Ask your accountant about federal tax credits that your installation may qualify for.

Efficiency Maine

33% up to $6,000 towards project costs (Residential) and up to 35% or 45% incentives for Commercial installs
  • Eligible 1 to 4 unit residential buildings serving as a principal residence for occupants, new or retrofit.
  • There are also Commercial Programs for larger buildings to save up to 35% or 45%.
  • Must include a bulk fill system providing continuous heat for 2 weeks, or minimum 500 pound capacity fill bin and a permanently installed back-up heating system.
  • Click here for full program details, eligibility requirements, and qualifying systems.

Thermal Renewable Energy Credits (T-RECs)

Save thousands of dollars by reducing your cost of pellets
down to the equivalent of $2.75/gal #2 heating oil
  • You can offset your heating costs dramatically by switching to wood pellets and earning T-RECs for the lifetime of your boiler. Last year, homeowners earned thousands in RECs.
  • RECs sell for market value which fluctuates between $0 and $25 per REC. Each ton of pellets contains about 3.6 RECs, so each ton is worth up to about $75. The average home burning 10 tons a year if RECs are at $22 would earn up to $600 annually, potentially adding up to $12,000 over 20 years, not to mention savings on fuel costs.
  • Maine Energy Systems collaborated with other industry leaders to submit the first petition to the Maine PUC to approve Maine homeowners to earn T-RECs.
  • The process: if MESys delivers your pellets, let us know you would like to participate, we’ll get you signed up and take it from there so you can reap even more rewards for your renewable heated home.
  • If MESys doesn’t deliver your pellets or you’re looking to switch, we can help with that, too. Just give us a call at 207-824-NRGY (6749).

And There’s More!

Fuel savings compared to oil and propane costs can add thousands to your savings.  As of today’s pricing, this looks like an additional $10,000 over the 30-year warranty life of the system.

Join the other Mainers savings thousands on heating costs.

Inquire today to begin the process to switch!

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