Pellematic Smart XS Boiler

A four-in-one heating system that combines pellets and solar heating to provide full comfort in your home or business.
pellematic smart xs diagram

The Pellematic Smart XS uniquely combines a pellet condensing boiler including domestic hot water heating and heating circuit assembly with a solar heating system. The entire unit can be installed on only 9 square feet of floor space and flush with the wall on two sides.

Solar collectors make your heating system even more ecological and also saves you money. The controller ensures that solar energy is used optimally.

The system provides all the convenience of a fully automatic heating system. Cleaning, ash removal, and automatic ignition all work reliably and extremely quietly.

The world’s finest wood pellet boiler.

  • Multi-segment burner plate, negative pressure monitoring, and combustion chamber sensor ensure low emissions, constantly high efficiency, and optimum adaption of heating output to the building’s requirements.
  • The latest generation of condensing technology extracts even more from every pount of wood pellets. Up to 15% more efficiency, as standard in all Condens models.
  • The entire heating system only takes up 9 square feet of floorspace. Flow and return are located at the top. Flue gas and condensate drain connections can be at the side or the rear. The Pellematic Smart XS is designed to fit through any standard door.
Ash disposal, the easy way.

AutoPellet = Auto Ash Removal

Pellet ash is automatically removed and compressed into a specially designed container to be emptied by an easy one-to two-minute process about four times a year in a residential home.

This is a quick, clean and easy task and the ash is great for your lawn or garden.

View Ash Removal Video

“With the support of Maine Energy Systems, we’ve had minimal upkeep costs and have seen significant annual savings on our heating costs, even as fuel oil prices have dropped some since installation.”

—Rob C. from The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, NH

hands holding wood pellets with a heater in the background

Join the thousands already saving on their heating costs and reducing their carbon footprint using fully-automatic wood pellet central heating systems. Contact us to learn how much you can save.